Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. My wife and I have always had extensive gardens at al of our houses (you can see my website for our last garden in Seattle here: ). In addition to enjoying gardening I have also taken advantage of the garden as a photography opportunity. Since we moved to our new house in New Mexico a little more than four years ago we have been working on our new garden. Our current lot is quite a bit smaller than the last one we had in Seattle so the garden is smaller as well. In addition, the climate here in the desert at 5,400 ft is much more challenging to grow plants in than Seattle was. We have small walled gardens in front of and behind the house which are watered a couple times a week and have more familiar garden plants in them. The remainder of the gardens are either xeric or native plants. That means a lot of cactus, yuccas, sage and the like. Although there aren’t as many flowering plants as we had in Seattle there are still different flowers that bloom from March through October.

I had planned on doing some woodworking this spring after I packed up all my studio photography gear from my winter shooting. However, the COVID-19 problem has prevented me from driving out of town to get rough sawn wood for my projects. So , I decided to do some more shooting in my studio/woodshop. We have some Daffodils in the yard but for some reason most of them didn’t put up flowers this year. There were still enough to bring some into the studio. We also have a fair number of different Bearded Iris and Siberian Iris which I also brought in for some photos. Hopefully the social distancing restrictions will be lifted soon so I can get out and shoot at  some other places I was planing on visiting this year. Till then – stay well.